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Easier Measure


           Simple, Fast & Accurate

Distance & Angle

0.5 second

measures range upto 1900 meters 


0.33 second

measures speed upto 320 km/h

Breath Alcohol

0-200 ug/100mL (BrAC)


Oxygen Concentration

10ppm - 100% O2


Distance & Inclination

LTI TruPulse 200X pulse lasers range finder

Outdoor Distance Measurement


Distance:  0-1900 meters

Distance accuracy: ± 4cm

Inclination accuracy: ± 0.1° 

Oxygen concentration

Ridzewski ZrOX EPC oxygen analyser 

Monitor the O2 concentration in a wide variety of areas, for example in soldering technology or in the pharmaceutical and food industries.  


O2 level: 10ppm - 100%

Sensor type: Zirconia oxide

Breath alcohol analysis

Lion Alcolmeter® 700 is a breath alcohol analysis instrument certified to EN15964 and  is used in law enforcement, health and safety and wellbeing programmes.


Alcohol level:  0-200 ug/100mL (BrAC) or 0.02-2mg/L (BrAC)

Accuracy: ±2ug/100mL < 20ug/100mL

                 ±10% > 20ug/100mL

Speed detection

LTI20/20 TruCAM II laser speed measurement & video capture

Speed Enforcement and Traffic Safety


Speed: 0 - 320kmh

Speed accuracy: ±2kmh

Laser Range: 15-1200 meters

Camera Video Capture Range: upto 200 meters